Wasted Potential

7.23.11-Kerabrar-The Kingstone Boys Raids

I was still inching for more money. The last 2 jobs gave me some extra spending money but nothing to write home about, literally. My repair works were just enough to cover my living expensive so I wanted to find another job and fast. Any little bit would help.
I was excited the morning we got the letter asking for help with the raiders. I was hoping the group would agree to the job otherwise I was going to suggest taking down Grum, whose bounty had just been raised to $5k.

We went to go talk to the guy who gave us the letter. I was interested in learning any information that could help us catch the raiders. Eldric Sharpe wasn’t very helpful. He told us the general area where the attacks were happened, which happened to be about a half a day’s worth of travel. He wasn’t able to give us any relevant information about the attacks but recommended that we talk to the merchants.

We went to the merchant area in Woking to see if we could find some people who had been attacked and any info that could give us. Dawson and I went to go take to one group while Sam and Christian talked to another. After watching Dawson nearly ruin the group’s reputation I was hoping he would do better with the next group so I wouldn’t have to talk to anyone. We talked to a guy who has been ambushed. He told us a little bit about the group who raided his caravan. Mainly they were all armed with various guns and armor and kind of rag tag looking, no 2 were the same. While he wasn’t heading back out he knew another group that was.

Dawson and I went to talk to the other caravan to see if we could join up with them. I had called over Sam and Christian. Both Christian and I wanted to get paid for our guard services. The deal was if we stay the day at day’s end we got paid $80. While $80 isn’t much it’s better than nothing I thought.

We gathered our gear and in the morning we head out with the caravan. I was riding in one of the wagons. While we were waiting to get to the area where the raids were happening I made some poison bullets for Sam. Around noon we stopped for lunch and then soon headed out again. I was glad to be back on the road. I didn’t care for all the socializing plus I wanted to get the job done and get paid.

Once we were back on road we started to enter the area the raids were taking place. I cast wizard eye to scout ahead. A little while down the road I saw a jeep that seemed like it was attacked. Looking around the area I saw a trail and followed it with my eye. The trail went south then west, parallel to the road. At the end I found a camp site with a fire pit. I wasn’t sure how recent it was but there seem to be a lot of people here and trails going off in many directions. Over the radio I recommended that someone drive ahead and check out the area I found.

Dawson and Christian came back saying they had found the site but it looked inactive for a few days. We decided to say with the caravan till the end of the day to see if anything happened. The rest of the day was uneventful. We made camp for the night and Christian and I got our $80. In the morning we decided to say with the caravan for another half day. At lunch we decided to go back to the campsite we found. It seemed the most likely spot for the raiders plus we were out of there area by now, not to mention I was glad to get away from all those people.

We were almost at the turn off for the trail when a large boom went off in front of us and dig was showered all over the car. Wanting to see what was going on around us I magically gathered all the dirt off the car so we could all see what was going on around us. As Dawson flew the camper into reverse and the dirt settled I could see a large pit in front of us as a trap. Before I could turn around to see where we were going bullets started hitting the car from behind us. I created a wall of earth to stop the oncoming bullets from the left side. Dawson slammed on the breaks and started to drive forward. I readied my pistol but was unable to get a clear shot. Sam and Christian were firing like crazy and I could hear Dawson’s eyes firing away.

Dawson went down and around the pit to the far side. I was able to get a shot off from out the back. We all go out of the camper using it as cover. I got to the front of the camper and laid down and to a few shots. This range was way too far for my pistol. After a few shot which were probably misses I summoned a wizard hand and had it go up for a better shot. Before my hand got close the shooting stopped. We all came out and approached the 2 groups of bodies.

We found 6 guys on each side of the road lying in the ditch. 4 dead but 8 of them just knocked out. We tied them all up and then woke one. Sam did the questioning. He found out that this was one of 4 raiding parties and they were a part of the Kingstone Boys, I noticed Christian go white at the sound of this. I was looking around at the gear these buys were carrying. The armor was all shot up but the gun I figured could fetch some money on the market. Sam agreed to let the guy live but he planned on killing the rest. Dawson argued this not waiting to leave any alive. So next thing I knew the remaining 8 were dead and we were looting the bodies.

To Be Continued….



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