Wasted Potential

Adventure log from 7.9.11

Now you see it…Now you don’t…(Bank Job)
Financial was the posh bank
First BoW was the one that hired you
Freedom was hit second
Money Pit was hit first.

After finally getting settled into there “boat house”, I (Kerabrar aka Kerab), Sam, Dawson, and Christian had been following the latest events going on in Woking. I was working in my room one morning on some repair work when I over heard my roommates talking about the latest of the bank robberies.

Dawson: “Wow, Luckly im not one of those commoners and my money is safe in Woking Financial. Christian Look at this, Freedom Bank just got hit just like the Money Pit.”

Christian: “Someone should really do something about these roberies before all the money in Woking is gone.”

Dawson: “How much you want to bet its going to be us that does it.”

Just then Sam walks into the common area…

Sam: “Im not doing anything unless im getting paid…now what are we doing again.”

Christian: “Same here… Nothing, yet…But another bank was hit last week.”

Sam: " No Sh.." Ring Ring*

Christian goes to answer the phone while Dawson and Sam talk about the latest robbery.

Christian: “Well Dawson finish up your muffin. you were right we just got a call from the First Bank of Woking. they want us to protect them from getting robbed.”

Sam yells down the hall: “Hey Kerab! get you and your mystical gizmo out here. we got a job.”

Thinking to myself “Damn it, I have to go out and deal with idiots robbing banks… although the money will probably be nice.”.. I yell out “Im coming!”

Before long all the 4 of us went down to the center of town to The First Bank of Woking. As we entered they went to speak to the manger who hired them for this task.

The manager told us about how he was worried about the robbers mysterious ability to get in and out of the vaults without anyone noticing and without leaving any signs of entry or exit. He informed us about the other 2 banks that have been hit and the kind of security in those banks in comparison to his own. As he spoke you could hear the fear in his voice. As we neared the end of the conversation the manager told us that we need to catch the robber by tonight otherwise he needs us to guard the vault. As a reward he will pay us a % of the money found. Hearing this my day just brighten up a bit.

We decided to split up so Dawson and I made our way to Freedom bank a few streets away while Sam and Christian when to the Money Pit. Once there we introduced ourselves to the manager. We decided to interview the guards and review the security videos. I left the interviews to Dawson as deal with all the people turned my stomach. However I commented on wanting to talk to the night guards once they came in. Even tho i did not like dealing with people, I’m able to tell when someone is pulling one over on me. In the mean time I went to check out the videos up in the tech room. After doing a basic check of the system for tampering I reviewed the tapes from the previous day. I was able to scan threw the videos and found a very suspicious character who seem to be casing the bank. I continued to review the videos keeping an eye out for this guy. After going threw days of videos over a few hours, I got a print out of the suspect and headed back down stairs to find Dawson. Dawson had just finished interviewing the night guards. I asked the guards a few questions trying to get a feel weather or not they were in on it but they seemed to be innocent. I told Dawson about the guy in the videos and showed him the photo. We asked the bank personal about the guy but with no luck. Since Dawson was complaining about getting a sandwich of some sorts we went to go grab lunch.

Out in the market I bought a newspaper to find any deals on sandwiches. Also I was looking for any radio, I realized that we did not have one to talk with Sam and Christian however Dawson, the cheapo, did not seem to care. Dawson and I got a bite to eat and I went to check out a few radios while Dawson went back to the First bank of Woking. After checking out a few shops with no luck on a radio I head back to the bank to join Dawson and hoped that Sam and Christian had some luck at the Money Pit.

I told the guards at First Bank of Woking to look out for the mysterious guy and then reviewed the video looking for signs of the robber from previous days. After reviewing the video and taking a nap Sam and Christian showed up and they too had found the same guy in the videos.

Sam, Christian, and I decided to stake out the place while Dawson went to look into Woking Financial. From the tech room I could see the whole bank from the video including Sam disguised as a guard and the plant I thought Christian was hiding behind tho I wasn’t 100% sure. Soon enough the guy from the video showed up and started casing the place. After a few mins we decided to move in. As Christian started to move in the suspect went into the bathroom. A few mins after Christian went into the bathroom to see if he could find him. Without a camera in the bathroom I cast wizard eye and flew through the bank into the bathroom. It startling a few patrons. I could see Christian standing there looking out the broken barred window. I quickly checked all the stales and found nothing. Christian then radioed in saying he must of escaped threw the window by use of magic of some means. Sam when to look around the back of the bank to see if he could find the trail. But the trail had gone cold.

After some time has pasted Dawson came back saying he ran into the guy at Woking Finanical. He chased him down the street and one of his eyes shot him give him a massive wound. Christian and Dawson went to see if they could find the suspect at a local healer. Sam went to collected some of the combat gear at the boat house. I said I would stay behind at First Bank of Woking keeping an eye out for the suspect. As the end of day came closed the group contacted me and said they caught the guy but he has accomplice, about 18 guys. The rest of the guys said they were going to find them. I offered to stay in the vault for the night in case the other got into the bank some how while the others went to see if they could stop the rest of the gang.

During the long night by myself, thank god, I worked on some new ideas for a robot companion as well as firearms to outfit himself and the robot. Finally the morning came and the bank manager let me out of the vault. Shortly after the rest of the guys showed up. The manager thanked us all for our work and paid us $6000 wokings.

Ratsicals -(item recovery of a pipe)

I was reading the paper peacefully one morning when i came across an ad asking for help recovering a lost item. The part that really caught my eye was there was a reward. Just then Sam came in to the galley looking for some breakfast.

Sam: “Good morning Kerab. Any interesting news?”

Kerab: “Grum is still at large.”

Sam: “Still? wonder if there going to raise the bounty on him.”

Kerab: “Speaking of making money, there is an ad in the paper offering a reward to recover some item. I figured it was worth checking out.”

Sam: “Ya, sure, why not…Dawson! Christian!”

Dawson and Christian came down into the galley. Christain looked a little frazled.

Christian: “What?! What happened?”

Sam: “Well good morning sunshine. Get ready. Kerab found a job for us.”

Christian and Sam just then both looked at me in surprise and wonder.
Kerab: “Ya some guy placed an ad offering a reward to find an item. I figured its worth checking out.”

Dawson looked nonchalant about the idea gave a shrug and nodded in approval then headed back to his room. Christian wasn’t as calm as Dawson.

Christian: “Thats it?! i nearly killed myself getting down here i was moving so fast…”

Just then he stormed off to his room. Sam yelled down the hall as he walked away.

Sam: “So does that mean your coming?!”

Christian: “Ya give me a few!”

Once everyone got ready we took a rickshaw over to the man’s house.

Knock knock The man answers the door.

Man: “Hello, Can i help you?”

Sam: “Yes, we are hear about the ad you placed.”

Man: “O wonderful come in.”

We all stepped in and the man told us about the item he wished use to fine. He told us it was a package that had gotten lost during the war. His great grandfather had mailed a package back from America. His family received a pick up form from what once was a local delivery facility that has now gone “missing”. The man and his family has been waiting to know for decades what the package is. The man gave the group a copy of the pickup form so they would be able to identify the package.

Man: “Here you go. Here is your copy…I know i said the Delivery place is lost but many thing it is buried under Woking in the sewers.”

The group thanks the man and head out. Christian having knowledge of the area lead the group to a sewer location that he believe was close to were the delivery place use to be. However we had to make a quick stop at the market so Dawson could get a bio hazard suit so he didn’t ruin his clothes.

Once down in the sewer we traveled till we came across a tunnel filled with rocks. I cast a few spells and after some time cleared the tunnel so we could pass threw it. on the other side we saw the ruins of an old warehouse. I entered first. As i pushed open the front doors i found myself in a lobby of an office with a front desk. While looking around the dark room I noticed 4 furry ugly creatures pop up from behind the desk. I readied my pistol and asked “Who was there?!”. At the sound of my voice the rest of the guys got ready. All of a sudden something came streaming towards me and got stuck in my vest. I fired a shot but too late they had ran off
into the next room.

We split up after the rats. I followed Sam into the room in front while Dawson and Christian went to the left. We seemed to enter a room that looked like a break room. Once we entered we heard some fire fight coming from the other room. I heard from the other room that they are in the frigs and coming from the ceiling. We checked the frig and then I opened fire on the ceiling hoping to hit anything up there. I noticed a red spot and fired again in that area. A rat fell down. I searched him and took his crossbow and threw it in my bag.

I cast my wizard eye and hand and gave my pistol to the hand. I could see the above the rooms was all open. I searched the area for a bit and then saw something and opened fire. With the strong recoil of the gun my hand few back. I brought my gun back to me and then had the hand and eye search the top. All of the sudden a loud boom happened and the hand and eye disappeared.

Kerabrar: “Bastards have the place booby trapped.”

Sam continued on to the next room which again looked like a break room and as soon as he stepped over the threshold half of the room’s floor dropped away. Lucky he didn’t fall. He lowered a rope and we climbed down into the basement.

Kerabrar: “Another break room. Does anyone do work around here?”

Behind us we found a walk in freezer. Sam went to check out in there and from a frozen rat. He told me to make sure the door stays open. He walked through the freezer and into another room. I went to check out the frig in this room. Luckily i didn’t get blown up when i checked it. Next to the frig was an entrance to a small room with a bin filled with frig doors. From the other side of the wall i hear gun shots going right into the area in front of me. Just then a rat jumped out of the bin which was eye to eye with the muzzle of my pistol.

Kerabrar: “ Don’t move! Who are you?! What do you want?!”

The rat made some squeaky sounds then tried to run. I put him down to the group and tied him up. I banged on the wall and yelled i got one. I dragged him out into the larger room which me and Sam entered. Sam came back into the room from the walk in frig. Shock came across his face as he looked up at the room above my head and then arrows came flying at him. I dropped my pistol and opened fire with my rifle from the area where the arrow came from. Sam jumped back into the walk in frig. All i could hear above me was the scattering of little feet. I walked into the opening and check the floor above but they were gone. I gave Sam a minor healing pot to get him back on his feet. We tried up the rat I caught to the door then over the radio Sam got a call to hurry up and get down to Dawson and Christian. They had found the nest with the Rat Queen. Sam and I both ran down to where we thought they were. When we got there they had already opened fire on the Queen. I covered the one of the entrances to the room while the 3 of them were laying down fire. They then started killing all the eggs and I went back to the room with the rat. There seemed no point in keeping him around and with him nearly dead i put him out of his misery.

We continued to search the rooms and finally Dawson got fed up and just started open fire to make his own door ways. The first wall he had his eyes punch through opened up into a room with packages in it. we checked all the packages and sure enough we found the one we were looking for. We raided the other packages but found them to be useless junk.

We made our way out of the building and back into the sewers to the street. Once there we took the package back to the man. After all the damn rat people we had to deal with to find this thing we all wanted to know what it was. The man was grateful enough to let us see. He opened the package and there was a very old pipe with fairly good craftsmanship. I could tell that the object had some magical properties. The man paid us $2000 wokings, $500 for each of us.

The Market.

After getting $2000 each we went to the market to buy some items. I myself got a ring that had been enchanted for short money. It however only turned the wears eyes greens. The other item i got was a head in a jar which i could feel had some strong spell on it. After getting it analyzed with the ring i found out if a person is fused with the head it will give them the ability to act twice as fast and do 2 things at once. However the head has a strong mind of its own and will try and take over when the host is stressed. I was also able to sell the crossbow for a nice chunk of change.



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