Julius Mantini

A caravan owner who specializes in the route from Hibing to Trenton.


Height: 5’3” Weight: 120lbs Hair: Brown


Julius inherited his caravan from his parents, Tony and Sylvia Mantini. He uses minor tech-magic to keep his vehicles fueled for almost no money, which allows him to pay top dollar for his hired hands.

His Current Crew:

Zalia Rufus Mantini – Julius’s wife. The two of them met when Zalia hired onto the caravan as a guard 9 years ago. She is now in charge of security.

Jake and James Johaston – Twin brothers who drive Julius’s big rigs. They’re each 6’4” and favor shotguns.

Sam Rains – She is slightly built with short cropped red hair. She’s the main mechanic of the caravan. She drives the jeep with the emergency supplies in it.

His Vehicles:

The Tour Bus – A double decker bus imported from London. It has been painted grey and fitted with cots and a modern engine. Guards are often stationed on the roof.

The A Truck – The cab runs on a combination of solar and hydrogen power. It pulls an enclosed trailer and a flatbed trailer.

The B Truck – The cab runs on an ancient diesel gas engine. It pulls a refrigerated trailer, which has draws power from a three day battery on solar panels.

Roger – The jeep. It holds emergency supplies of diesel and hydrogen for the A and B trucks as well as a first aid kit.

Julius Mantini

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