Wasted Potential

Dawson's New Eye

Dawson sat back in his recliner located on his trailer that sat parked on the still semi-recently acquired tugboat 'The Swimming Duck'. Papers of various sorts lay across his lap as he looked over potential projects to spend his recently acquired cash from his last job. He was thinking of putting in a few defensive measures to protect his ship, and after all the things he dealt with in the last few months it was probably going to be a sound investment. Between the large amounts of fights and the constant threat of theft he wondered how he somehow switched jobs from contract and merchant negotiator to mercenary. Sure the pay was worlds better but he wondered if he was cut out for this kind of life. Before he could ponder the matter any further he suddenly felt a twinge in his right eye. Almost as if a hair had gotten caught in it. When he blinked reflexively to try to clear it out his sight in that eye suddenly blurred red. Putting a finger up to the edge he felt an unusual wetness. Pulling his hand away his heart skipped a beat as he saw a trail of blood left on his finger. Tossing the papers on his lap aside he bolted for the built in bathroom, complete with mirror, and looked though his good eye at the cause of the blood. What he saw made his heart skip two more beats as it looked like his eye wasn't only just filling with blood but bleeding out though his eyelid. Suddenly Dawson grabbed the sink counter as he felt the bleeding eye shoot massive flashes of pain throughout his body. The pain rapidly grew in intensity as he let out a cry and lurched forwards as his eye shot out a squirt of blood. Gasping his breath and reeling from pain he could only watch on in shock with his other good eye as the bleeding one continued to poor out blood followed by a slimy pop and the sound of something splatting into the sink. What his good eye saw was enough to cause Dawson to lose his lunch right over his newly freed right eye as it lay in the sink in a bloody mess. After hurling he tried to calm himself down despite the pain but could only manage to slide to the floor, his hand still clinging to the sink and his eye still bleeding down his face, and slowly lose consciousness as his now solo eye began to close. * About an hour later Dawson woke slowly, his body still in pain but not nearly as bad now, and looked about from where he was. Carefully he pulled himself up and looked into the mirror, abet hesitantly, and grimaced at what he saw. His entire chest, pants and face was covered in slowly drying blood and his eye was crusted shut from all the said blood. Not sure what to do he gently touched the eye a few times and took a quick intake of breath as touching the spot sent shock waves of pain though his body. Not seeing much else he could do other then head to the local doctor he moved to his bed chambers and pulled out a clean set of clothes and began to prepare a shower, going down to the local doctors covered in more blood then an ax murderer seemed like a bad idea. * After the shower, one that took twice as long as he avoided any contact near his face, Dawson dried him self off and grabbed a soft wet washcloth and headed out to the main room of his trailer. Sitting down in his chair he sighed as he knew things were about to get annoying as he looked up at the floating eye that now occupied the room with him. It was about the size of a large beach ball, it's tentacles hanging laxly behind it save for two in front which it was apparently using as crossed arms. He knew this creature which is why he didn't immediately run off screaming in terror. "So… I assume that this little incident was your doing Yen' Sa WaTon?" Dawson asked leaning back in his chair and carefully dabbing at the outermost edges of his face to clean away the blood. The pain had receded significantly and he was actualy able to make progress at clearing the sanguine liquid from his eye. "Is that a hint of contempt I hear in your voice, little human? You know we don't just bestow these gifts to anyone you know. The first productive member of the Beholder Human alliance you should feel proud that we would stoop to merging the perfect flesh of one of our species with… well… an imperfect species like yours. Why to you it would be like giving opposable thumbs to a worm or maggot of some sort." Dawson was originally going to ask what kind of gift losing his eye was until he realized that, after he finished cleaning it, he was able to see out of both eyes. However what the right eye saw was something entirely different then what the left saw. The left eye saw Yen' Sa WaTon the beholder looking at him. What the right saw was himself looking apparently at himself. Lifting up a hand he saw though his right his body do the same and it slowly began to dawn on him what this was. "Ahh yes at the very least of all the human side members you at least had the aptitude to understand and use our gifts effectively." "You replaced my eye… with some kinda… telepathic visual relay eye. I see what you see…" "Yes… and as amusing as it would be too watch you adjust I must make this short. The eye will allow you to see though the eyes of nearby beholders or ones you have under your direct command. Should there be no beholders around it will simply be black. As you use the eye it will grow and become more powerful based on your decisions and needs. And with that I hope our next meeting is not for a long long time…" With that the Beholder slowly faded from view and Dawson was left alone to ponder what just happened. After a few minutes he slowly began to smile as the possibilities flooded into his mind about what he could do with such an eye. However this was short lived as his thoughts were interrupted by an awful smell. "Oh shit… Now I have the clean up the sink…"


(GM Note: Approved) 

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