A group of forest dwelling dragons created treants to defend their territories against illegal logging. After the fall, the unchecked populations of treants began to swell. As their numbers expanded, they began to protect the forests from legal logging as well. As a result, settlements in treant infested regions use much less wood in their construction than was common before the fall. For the most part, treants will allow supervised people to collect dead-fall.


Physically, treants look like trees. They have distinct bipedal legs and arms which are discernible while they are in motion, but these limbs are nearly undedectable when the treant is at rest. Their form is more determined by the local flora where they first grew than from heredity. Most treants stay within areas where they match the local trees, but a few have been known to wander. Treants grow at about half the same rate as trees. They are considered saplings by their peers usually until they reach 35 years old.


Treant society is oligarchical in nature, but also layered in a way that would be feudal if treants weren't true communists. The oldest treants in a region make the  decisions for their  entire area. Larger areas are ruled over by councils that meet infrequently, consisting of representatives from the individual oligarchies. In a few areas, the ruling treants are pre-war. It is rumored that there is a ruling council set above the rest consisting entirely of first generation treants. It is not unheard of for a treant to grow dissatisfied with their peers and seek a life among  other sentient species or as hermits.


Treants are available as a player race with the following template:

  • Doesn't Breathe (Oxygen absorption) (+15)
  • Extended Lifespan 2 (+4)
  • Injury Tolerance (Hommogenous) (+40)
  • Lifting Strength 3 (+9)
  • Vulnerability (Burning x3) (-45)
  • Total Cost: +13


Wasted Potential munchor