Located in England, Woking used to be part of London’s “commuter belt.” Today, it is the closest unmodified humans can live to the Heart of London without risking mutation. It has become much more of a burgeoning metropolis than it ever was before the fall, as the last stop for traders bringing goods bound for London. Mostly only the poorest citizens of Woking live in the Northeast part of town. The closer to London a person sleeps, the more likely they are to be haunted strange and vivid dreams.

Woking still officially recognizes the rule of The Monarchy, even though no word has come from any royals in living memory. In the absence of royal edicts, Woking is run by a council of interested land owners. Any citizen of Woking with three or more acres is welcome to sit meetings and vote.

Woking’s major exports are the strange and sundry artifacts brought forth by the denizens of London and unusual statues.

Woking’s major imports are grain, metal ore (mostly iron), and PNB.


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