Kerabrar Chalatus

A lone Mage. Specializing in earth and illusion spells with an atraction to technology.


A wonder, Kerabrar, lived in a small town outside of what once was Berlin, Germany. As a young boy he always seemed to be drawn to gizmos. This was due to his father, half human half gnome, was a tinker, always building something. From him Kerabrar learned alot about machines, engineering skills, and computers. However his favorite was the little robots his dad made for him to play with. While not tinkering with his dad, Kerabrar learned some magic from his grandfather, elf/human and a man of the ripe old age of 214… Due to being non human and a gnome, elf, human hybrid he was often an outcast…His mother being a good cook loved to hunt her own food to cook for the family… it is with her that he learned to shoot…

Once he became a young man he apprenticed for a repair shop. He did his job very well and learned alot about different technologies that people brought into the shop and learned them fast. He also learned how to deal with various low lifes trying to scam their way out of paying what they owned in full. he sometime had to find bits and pieced to repair what devices came in. Due to some special items he had the opportunity to get a hold of some pre fallout items, some even dragon in origin… being close to these items made him miss doing magic… and after a few incidences of using magic at the shop he left, though not on the best of terms…

Kerabrar wandered Europe for a while making it all the way across the pond to Ireland… There, in a town just outside of Limerick Ireland in a place called County Clare, he found an Elder Elf who lived on the outskirts of the town. It was with him that Kerabrar trained his skills in magic. Due to the rolling hillside of Ireland Kerabrar became good at controlling the earth around him. Due to his gnome heritage he had a knack for illusions. Able to make things appear out of nothing, a trick he more than once got in trouble for as a small boy. Here with the Elder, he learned to create more complex images that fooled even his teacher sometimes. In order to pay for his dues he took up a job as repairing various items for the town folk. Most of the time he repaired machines for the town’s folk to keep the town running. As time grew on he learned how to merge his love for machines and skills as a mage. He learned to make items to repair machines and also to use his ability to create items to work on ideas for his upcoming machines…

After hitting a rough patch with repair work being slow Kerabrar had to end his studies and leave to look for more work in order to pay of his debt to not only his magic teacher but for some damages he caused back in the machine shop near his home town. Kerabrar left for Woking, England where he thought he’d be able to find some work…After a few years in Woking, Kerabrar was able to find a place with few guys. He does repairs and design work out of his place. Even though Kerabrar kind of gets along with his roommates he prefers to be alone with his machines. However being alone with his machines making just enough to live and pay off parts of his debts isn’t cutting it.

Kerabrar Chalatus

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